Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Today I was at the 125th Lincolnshire Show seeing the Princess Royal open the newly built Epic Centre. I love the fact that it has so many environmental pluses however the building lacks any personality feeling like a stark dental surgery. Sadly the outside area is a complete shambles (how can you sit at a table on a slant??) The architect clearly got his inspiration from the Tellytubbies as there's no shade, nowhere decent to sit, and being squashed in like sardines isn't my idea of fun. Our Council tax has clearly been spent on an overprices garden shed called the Epic Centre!

June 27th 2009
What a sad story to hear of the death of Michael Jackson. Despite his troubled life, he gave us the best music which appealed to every race, religion, and age. He danced with fire in his shoes and nobody can ever do the moonwalk as perfect as the King of Pop.
We've had the tribute songs playing quietly in the office and still can't believe that he has gone.

July 4th 2009
Bollywood came to Lincolnshire this weekend. It was a mixture of fundraising events and a milestone birthday. With a cross range of guests and a passion for India I decided to have an ice breaker Asian theme in an Indian Raj Marquee, and was amazed at how much effort people made to be there in superb costumes. Champagne flowed on the summer evening by the watermill and everyone had an absolute ball, dancing in to the early hours and relaxing in the chill out tent.
I have to admit I've never enjoyed one of my own events so much and was so touched at the distance some came from, including Spain, France and Ireland.

July 7th 2009
Today we hosted our charity event and grand sale at the Watermill. Not only was the weather kind but we also had a great turnout. We had some lovely exhibitors, plenty of happy helpers and a few dogs joining in the fun. We took around £1100 at the event and with my donation (all of which we will put through Gift Aid) we hope to give each charity around £800.
The event was also covered by the Journal Magazine and our event will be featured in next months issue. If you would like to make a donation please get in touch.

22nd July 2009
One of the greatest inventions to come in to the floristry world was good old stem tape. It's like a self sticking tape made with crepe paper. It usually comes in green, brown or white (wedding corsages usually have white stem tape covering the stems). I've been digging in to my creative mind and ribbon remnant box and have made these gorgeous roses out of wired ribbon.
You will need a single
beaded berry from a bunch, an arm length of wired ribbon and stem tape
(All of which we sell right here at www.janemeans.com)
I've made a few roses and tied them on to a special wedding gift as shown.